Designed in Singapore.


Août, synonymous with the English word August, which has a reputation for energetic, modern style and confident conscious male. We provide style essential for the professional individual and preppy is all about classic, clean and collegiate appearance. Our designs are ingrained in quality for a fun approach to dress casual fashion. Details in construction and fabric manipulation are evident, as our clothing is comfortable and easy to wear.

The traditional preppy and scholarly approach is what inspires Août. Our aesthetic is one that is necessary in the modern man’s wardrobe.

"Your Sartorial Signature for Everyday Lifestyle"


From the beginning Août has focused on their key facets:

  • Subtlety
  • Quality
  • Value

Août designs strive to break confining rules in fashion. Each detail has been taken into account in order to make men feel unique yet expressive in fashion. Our signature corner triangles on our shirts and trims are meant to serve reminders of our unwavering efforts to always provide the best.

Never boring; we aim to provide comfort, with a sense of modern styling and completeness.

Continuous efforts to keep up with industry trends help us provide our customers with the latest in fashion.

There are so many reasons to shop with Août, but there’s only one reason worth remembering; We care about your style.



Août is not just influenced by preppy, also on the styling. Preppy style is all about classic, clean and collegiate appearance. So, if you’re the kind of gent who prefer to look refined rather than rugged, a preppy look could be just right for you.

The traditionalism of preppy colors and patterns has inspired Août designs.

1. For dress casual look, we think lightweight shirts in classic colors.

2. Polo’s work well for casual look, but we ensure in traditionalist colors for a refined touch.

3. One key piece can make or break your preppy vibe, if you’re not a Jacket kind of type, the utility jacket is an instant outfit transformer.


We support sustainability in every aspect of our business endeavors. Our vision is to be sustainable global lifestyle brand. How we create our products is what connects us to our community.

Our products are made of cotton sourced from the very selective mills in the world. Regardless of how refined our products are, we still manage to make our clothing affordable and reasonable.

Our products are 100% Cotton with doubled stitched seems. They are intricately sewn; 15 stitches per inch with lock stitched buttons.